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How to Market your NFT Project on NFT Launchpads

How to Market your NFT Project on NFT Launchpads

In this article, you will learn how to market and promote your NFT project and what makes an NFT so attractive to investors. In an interview with a partner of a top NFT investor, it became apparent that NFT platforms are rising consistently. 

Of course, we need to acknowledge the hard work and excellent skills of NFT creators. But, it is essential to underline the unbeatable effort of marketing power to get the projects across to investors on NFT launchpads. 

Talking about marketing, you must create a solid sales method to persuade customers to put their money into your projects. A quick reminder, NFT launchpads are already full of skillful minters competing for the same customer you want. 

But the question is ‘How’? Indeed, when it comes to marketing your projects on NFT launchpads, it is not one size fits all. However, there are certain tested and trusted principles you can apply to get the right results. 

This blog post will uncover some of the basics of NFT marketing strategies that can give your projects an edge over tight market competition. To start, let’s share a story of Nike and NFT startup RTFKT

A Brief History About How Nike Acquire NFT Startup RTFKT

We were the original investor in RTFKT back in 2019, even before they started the company. The three founders are Steven, Chris, and Benoit. I first met Benoit Pagotto when I visited the E3 gaming conference in LA in 2019. He shared his vision of creating a digital sneaker fashion brand. I was fascinated by the concept vision, and we knew people were spending more time in the digital world. So creating a brand for a new digital space is a huge opportunity.

People are used to getting commercial goods in games and other VR spaces, and many gaming companies are embracing creators to launch new content on their NFT launchpad. It resonated with us. So we helped them from the company and some initial funding. It feels like a long time ago, but it was just two years ago.

What is the investment process?

These are a few signs to look out for when determining how interesting or investible a project would be on an NFT launchpad. First, you need to look at how much organic content is generated around the project on the platform and where the younger generations spend their time and money.

For example, many people create content for VR chat and strategize how to list it on a public platform. When they publish that content in the digital world, it becomes more natural and familiar.

In the case of Fortnite, older people are buying skins for $25 or $40, and it is now a trend with the younger generations, who spend more time in the digital space and are more contented buying digital goods even though you can wear them in the physical world.

When companies were building new brands in the digital world, that is spot on, and NFTs are allowing several people to create digital content that is authentic on NFT launchpads.

What NFT Projects Do you want to acquire?

We talked about a company called Jadu in Los Angeles, and they were trying to create an original Pokemon game in the real world combined with NFT and AR technologies. That’s an exciting project to pay close attention to even outside NFT launchpads

Another one we got was Divine Anarchy. If you combine Anime into the NFT launchpad, It’s an exciting effort to connect Anime to the games and create new game mechanisms.

One of the firms we invested in is High Rise, a fashion MMO targeting the younger female generation. Users can buy skins and fashion items where they will have fashion shows daily. They are converting arts and other items into NFTs and are launching a High Rise creator program on NFT launchpads.

What Does NFT Mean in Gaming?

In the gaming world, starting from Axie Infinity and Animoca Brands, so many companies are trying to convert NFTs into gaming. Also, some companies are waiting from the sidelines, but there will be a lot of ample opportunities for creators, artists, and game studios to look into it.

NFTs are taking on unique shapes and not just art. It has gone beyond the casual. They have utilities beyond just being hung on a wall. From blending fashion to anime mechanics in the digital world, it has been a fascinating time.

Are NFTs a Good Investment Opportunity?

When we first saw Bitcoin in 2010 or 2011, we didn’t think it would be an opportunity. We bought and sold a few rights after Bitcoin was only around $300. We lost a massive fortune on the table. That was only one of our early big learning lessons.

When mobile gaming became a trend, most people assumed it was just a fluke or a tiny portion of the large gaming market. Now mobile has become two-thirds of the gaming market. A lot of people and we missed this opportunity.

We didn’t want to miss any other emerging platform like NFT launchpads. When we first learned about VR, we started investing. We took the plunge when we saw blockchain technology and invested in it quickly too. Those lessons also pushed us to look for new opportunities in the digital space. Currently, technologies like VR, blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse have a significant historical moment that we will realize in hindsight.

In Conclusion

We have strategically presented how you can take advantage of the NFT launchpads and other marketplaces to teach you first practical ways to benefits from NFT projects. From how Nike, the shoe company, first spotted RTFKT and acquired it, that’s an excellent way to learn pro marketing techniques that will separate your NFT project from your competitors on the platform. You also know how to generate a fortune from the organically growing community.  

Before you begin strategizing on how to promote your NFT on NFT launchpads, you need to draw a solid marting plan and manage your ads adequately to get the best result. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Crypto launchpads are the platform where creators and investors meet to have a smooth, profitable transaction. On this platform, creators can showcase their ideas and concepts to a large audience of investors who decides to finance the project before it is even minted. 

Crypto launchpads make the creation and sales of new crypto project easier, quicker, and better. As a newcomer, the platform has been designed to help you get the necessary help without stress. Crypto Launchpad makes it easier to invest and trade on crypto projects. You can benefit from several opportunities if you are on the right platform. Click here for how nft launchpad games project work.

The platform has contributed immensely to the crypto space’s growth and development, building a solid community for cordial interactions. Meanwhile, some of the crypto launchpads available require that you subscribe to the platform. 

As a participant, you may have to pay a token to join some of the top crypto launchpads. Binance is one of the crypto-based platforms that require users to subscribe to become active in the space. If you want to participate in the BNB crypto launchpad, this article is written to show you the road map. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Recently, people have been asking serious questions about whether they can subscribe to the BNB crypto launchpad. We guess you also have some critical questions, and that’s why we have dedicated a whole article to every question in your mind. 

Here are the most frequent questions people ask about the platform and direct answers to give you a headlight. 

Most FAQs about the BNB Crypto launchpad

How can I participate in the BNB launchpad?

It’s simple. You only have to sign up and create a wallet on the platform. When filling out the signup form, you are advised to provide accurate information to make your verification easy. Binance always conducts a simple verification exercise for every participant. If you miss out at that stage, you might not get to participate after all.

How does the new BNB crypto launchpad format work?

The BNB crypto launchpad now runs in a new format which might be strange to you as a newcomer in the space. Here is the breakdown of the format n steps. 

Step 1: Calculate your limit

Your participation limit is solely determined by the average BNB balance in your wallet over a specific period of days. In this period, you are not expected to stake or perform any other task with your BNB until your participation eligibility is settled. As a new user, you may have to contact customer support if the process takes longer than necessary.

Step 2: Commit BNB

Once the platform has confirmed your participation limit, you are eligible to lock some amount of BNB to your confirmed participation limit to get some tokens from the BNB crypto launchpad. Note that there is no limit to the amount you can lock up to your participation limit. 

Step 3: Calculation 

Once you have waited for your BNB commitment period to be over, the platform will calculate every user’s token allocation. This process may take up to an hour or more, depending on the speed of your device. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Step 4: the platform deducts BNB for the launchpad’s token 

After your final allocation might have been determined, the platform will remove a portion of your locked BNB for launchpad tokens. The platform will then automatically transfer your launchpad token and BNB to your spot wallet. 

Will the BNB vault count when calculating my participation limit?

Yes! The average BNB calculation tallies with the launchpad lottery format. All users are permitted to keep their BNB in the BNB vault; the same amount will still count for your participation limit. You can ask customer support if you need the list of all accounts that record all BNB balances.

Why do I have to commit to my BNB?

You only need to commit your BNB during the platform’s subscription period after the average BNB has been calculated. Please report to the customer support team if there is an issue with the dates, time, or period. 

What is the meaning of the ‘hard cap per user’?

The hard cap is the maximum amount of BNB crypto launchpad token allocation you can receive as a user. Mind you, don’t mistake it for the maximum amount of BNB you can commit on the platform.

Can my BNB be locked during the average BNB calculation phase?

The answer is no. your BNB cannot be locked during the daily calculation phase. Mostly, it can be in any of the accounts accepted on the platform. But, whatever the case, your NBN is not locked during the calculation period. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions on BNB Crypto Launchpad Subscription

Where is the committed BNB locked in the subscription period?

For the records, your committed BNB will be locked in a different crypto launchpad wallet when the subscription period is on, but you have control over it. You can lock your BNB any time you want during the subscription period. You can even do that within the last thirty minutes. In case you can’t get access to your BNB after you have committed it, don’t panic. It is the proper process. 

Can I commit my BNB even if it’s in the BNB vault?

Of course, you may need to keep your BNB in the vault to count for your participation limit; you should redeem your BNB from the vault to your spot wallet. But, you must do that during the subscription time to commit BNB.

What is the minimum amount of BNB I can commit?

You can commit an amount as low as 0.1 BNB. Although, it is better to push it higher to stand a better chance of gaining more. 


BNB platform is one of the most active crypto launchpads for experienced users. Using the platform might require you to learn some tips from existing users. However, Binance is among the most respected crypto=based platform with numerous profit-making opportunities. You can check the help and support page on its official website or app for more details about how it works and what it requires to participate on the platform.

This is how nft launchpad games project work

This is how nft launchpad games project work

Long before esports—the competitive video gaming industry—was widely recognized as a legitimate profession, popular nft launchpad games project such as ‘Diablo II’ (2000) or ‘Runescape’ (2001) established fully fledged digital economies in which the best players could earn a living simply by being good at the game. Indeed, one of your co-authors, Moritz Baier-Lentz, was able to fund his undergraduate and graduate school by completing in-game tasks and selling the associated prizes for real money—at one time, more effectively than any of the game’s 13 million active players.

However, the early 2000s were a ‘Wild West’ of digital assets, virtual ownership, and online identity—and nft launchpad marketplaces and transactions were never completely legitimate or secure, making stories like this one more of a case study in deft individual entrepreneurialism than a viable professional pursuit.

Massive expansion of the gaming industry, based on centralized value systems

Today, about 3 billion people worldwide play video games, and a whole infrastructure has developed around professional gaming, providing enormous chances and money for elite players. The absolute best of them are classified as athletes, earning salaries as team members, sharing in tournament prize money, and demanding expensive sponsorship deals. Others monetize their live broadcasts by gaming on audience sites like as Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

According to BITKRAFT Ventures, video games have grown to a $336 billion business, including a diverse range of software, hardware, and intellectual property. As gaming has evolved to become the world’s biggest media category, surpassing linear television, on-demand entertainment, cinema, and music, it has acquired specific features. Notably, practically all economic activity associated with NFT launchpad games project is centralized, giving creators and publishers complete control over everything that occurs inside their NFT launchpad games project. 

The financial reason for this is to collect the billions of dollars created by the sale of in-game content, digital objects, and subscriptions—but it also means that the great majority of players have little opportunities to participate in the value without professionalization.

This traditionally custodial model of ownership and profit sharing has survived as the business has grown—but it may be about to undergo a paradigm shift with the introduction of so-called NFT launchpad games project. This sort of video game enables players to ‘really’ earn and own digital assets, which they can later sell independently of the game.

Play-to-earn may put gamers’ digital identities, assets, and ownership in their hands.

If people are to devote significant time, attention, and personal resources to digital environments, it is critical to create faith in the permanence of their digital presence and goods—as well as their economic resilience. Early implementations demonstrate that this is indeed possible using blockchain technology, which can assure digital trust and a decentralized storage of value through cryptography.

Blockchain technology is already being used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from banking to art—and video NFT launchpad games project are no exception. NFT launchpad games project depend on blockchain technology to create wealth, including in the form of non-fungible tokens (or NFTs). A non-transferable token (NFT) is a digitally protected claim of ownership for a single, non-transferable digital asset. In practice, NFTs may take on a variety of forms inside virtual environments, including people, goods, land, and ornamental customization elements such as digital apparel. Individuals ‘earn’ the most precious things by doing very well in the game and may then sell them for real-world money on their own terms.

This is how nft launchpad games project work

The actual revolution is in the decentralized integrity and security of these digital goods, which may now transcend a company’s or even a government’s conventional proprietary, custodial ownership and discretion. For instance, rather than depending on the permission or regulations of publishers or other third parties, in-game resources from pay-to-win games may be freely traded on markets both inside and outside the game.

Numerous communities have cropped up recently, demonstrating the potential for NFT launchpad games project to help develop a new economy. Notably, the computer game ‘Axie Infinity’ demonstrates that this is more than a pipe dream. The popular play-to-earn ecosystem has grown from 4,000 to 2 million daily active users in a matter of months, with particular traction in the Philippines and Venezuela. For participants in nations such as these in the Global South, the money they may make in the digital realm is significantly more than the revenue they can earn in their local physical economy.

Additionally, ancillary scholarship platforms,’ such as Yield Guild Games, that enable and educate players in emerging economies to participate in NFT launchpad games project, have attracted significant investment and grown to be billion-dollar businesses in a matter of months, eclipsing the value of many of the most popular video games. By globalizing the market for game-based non-financial transactions in this manner, NFT launchpad games project and their associated platforms demonstrate frictionless economic opportunity and meritocratic participation across regions. It is 2021, and the planet seems to be flatter than it has ever been.

For the time being, it’s worth highlighting that NFT launchpad games project do not naturally and completely remove the centralization inherent in games: they still need the publisher’s power to define, issue, and regulate the asset that ultimately becomes an NFT. Rather than that, the greatest promise of NFT launchpad games project is in their ability to decentralize marketplaces for the creation, ownership, and exchange of digital assets, as well as the potential created when these marketplaces are connected to the traditional economy and fiat currencies, allowing players to convert their digital time, effort, and earnings into physical disposable income.

Owning and participating in critical components of these new worlds generates significant financial benefits for those who believed; many of whom will be from developing economies that jumped on the opportunity when it presented itself.

For gamers, the NFT launchpad games project concept may provide a novel and flexible method of earning money. However, it also represents some of the dangers inherent in the digital economy, which risks generating “people as a service”: employment insecurity, insecure connections between enterprises and employees, and a lack of social safety nets. Given the existing disproportionate representation of freelancers in the creative sector, these are all factors that policymakers must address.

This is how NFT launchpads operate

This is how NFT launchpads operate

NFTs are growing more popular among investors and enterprises in the metaverse. NFTs for art, music, and gaming are worth tens of millions of dollars. Because of their instant success, some artists and NFT dealers are more interested in virtual assets. From garments to shoes to digital art to virtual real estate, entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to sell, purchase, and exchange their skills. NFT launchpads, a platform that allows artists and organizations to launch a non-fungible token marketplace, are penetrating the worldwide metaverse technology industry. Let’s take a look at four of the most popular launchpads on the market right now.

NFT Launchpads are what they sound like.

An NFT launchpad is a platform or tool that does not need any coding or the hiring of front-end or back-end engineers. It helps nft launchpad with minting, marketing, project development and launch, and fundraising. Click here to choose the best play to earn games for maximum profits.

What Are the Benefits of Using an NFT Launchpad?

NFT launchpad platforms have two goals: to collect funds for projects and to introduce legitimate initiatives to their community before they are released to the general public. To accomplish the aforementioned objectives, launchpads aims to cultivate a growing community before attracting legitimate projects to their platform for crowdfunding.

The launchpad begins with establishing a community. Most launchpad systems feature their own tokens that community members must hold, as well as a stake that is optional for crowdfunding participation. To ensure that users are validated, several launchpads ask users to authenticate their identities before engaging in any IDOs or IEOs. That way, no one can defraud the system by using numerous identities to make purchases. Indeed, by evaluating projects, launchpads guarantee that its consumers have access to authentic and potential ideas. 

Scams and frauds are readily discovered throughout the screening process, and the launchpad may promptly deny requests to engage such initiatives. As a result, these systems save time for investors by doing due diligence on their behalf. One of the reasons why launchpads are gaining traction in the crypto sector is because they save time.

The NFT launchpad has the following features: 

  • Reach worldwide audiences 
  • Offer loyalty benefits 
  • Native token creation option 
  • Customizable • Market NFT asset 
  • Eliminates programming expenses 
  • Saves time

In the realm of cryptocurrency, launchpads are becoming more popular. They address a unique challenge for both crypto-investors and developers and have gained a lot of popularity as a result of the benefits they provide. Although the launchpad phenomena is increasingly typical among cryptocurrency experts, the majority of people have no idea what cryptocurrencies are or how they function.

This is how NFT launchpads operate

The explosive expansion of blockchain application, particularly in the digital currency industry, has resulted in a slew of issues. Investors were concerned about the staggering amount of frauds they had to deal with, and many had lost money via initial coin offerings (ICOs) (ICOs). The fundamental issue for projects was generating enough money for construction and development.

The initial coin offering (ICO) frenzy in 2017 enticed many investors to participate in projects, but the majority of them turned out to be frauds. Initial DEX sales on decentralized exchanges were likewise ineffective, as wealthy investors soon purchased the whole token allotment, undermining the purpose of crowdsourcing.

All of these issues, as well as others, led to the creation of platforms that would give investors with legitimacy and security while also providing projects with all of the funds they need. These platforms are known in the cryptocurrency realm as launchpads, after the renowned NFT launchpad, which provided developers with a platform to create and manage open-source software. Launchpads are platforms that assist cryptocurrency projects in raising funds and providing investors with access to coins and tokens before they are released to the general public.

On Centralized Exchanges, Launchpads

Popular centralized exchanges (CEXs) like as Binance and KuCoin Spotlight have a launchpad option that allows members of their big communities to learn about new projects. Following the crowdfunding campaign, these projects may be placed on the market for trade. Before using the launchpad function, most centralized exchanges demand users to undergo KYC verification and retain a certain amount of their native tokens in their wallets for a certain period of time.

Launchpads for IDO

These platforms are not like those found on CEXs since they are decentralized. IDO launchpads are constructed on blockchain networks like Algorand, which allow smart contracts. Some decentralized launchpads don’t need KYC verification, while others employ a whitelisting system to choose who may participate in IDOs. The majority of IDO launchpads also include native tokens, which are often required for users to engage in crowdfunding campaigns. Yieldly is an IDO launchpad that strives to introduce new applications to the Algorand ecosystem. Yieldly was developed on Algorand and is the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain.

IGO Launchpads are a series of IGO-sponsored events.

This kind of launchpad platform, despite its unpopularity, is committed to bringing gaming projects to their communities as first game releases (IGOs).

Features of the Launchpad

  • Deflationary NFT ensures that non-fungible tokens are distributed fairly.
  • Staking in order for holders to be eligible to participate in NFT sales.
  • Swaps for NFTs to be deposited on the launchpad. Users may purchase ERC20 or BEP20 token variants on a variety of DEXs.
  • Vaults with cutting-edge security.
  • Use a cross-chain approach to find the cheapest NFTs.
This is how NFT launchpads operate

The Top NFT Launchpads are shown below.

GuardianLink.io is a platform that helps businesses and creative get their NFT environments up and running. Anti.RIP, the company’s AI (artificial intelligence) Spyder technology for security, is the major feature. The GuardianLink.io launchpad uses a white-label NFT launchpad by GuardianLink to launch your product in minutes. With the press of a mouse, artists and inventors may rapidly publish their work. BeyondLife.club’s success on the NFT launchpad may be attributed to the platform.


NFTLaunch is a platform that focuses on NFT launchpad marketing and has a positive user response. The deflationary market and automated calculation of the proportion of contribution transactions are two features of NFTLaunch. To identify NFT firms that sell cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens goods, go to https://www.okx.com/markets/prices.


NFTpad.fi is a platform for art that provides users with financial decentralization, games, and built non-fungible token exchanges. Its features include product development, marketing, and launch. It’s a place where you may create a new game.


NFTb.io is a platform for aspiring NFT artists to showcase their work. Create a marketplace and campaigns to sell your artwork or music that are tailored to your requirements.

In 2020, NFT sales increased by 85 percent to $250 million. The increased transaction volume generated over $2 billion in income by mid-2021. With the high expenses of minting falling on inventors, NFT launchpad development became a lifeline. Non-fungible launchpads such as NFTpad.fi, NFTb.io, GuardianLink.io, and NFTLaunch are having an impact on the metaverse.

These and other NFT launchpads provide incredible features and advantages to non-fungible token developers and purchasers. For assessing NFT founders and projects, performing sales, and obtaining NFTs, a launchpad provides funding formats such as initial exchange offering, initial coin offering, and initial NFT. In the years 2022 to 2023, keep an eye out for the best NFT launchpad to launch your non-fungible tokens and digital assets.