How To Make Huge Fortune from Play to earn gaming

Video games are becoming a sure means of earning millions of dollars. It is rather pathetic that most people still believe they can’t make money while playing video games. Are you also part of those with the ancient mindset? Well, if you are, let me be the one to tell you several video games are created primarily to make money.

How do you see that? Yes, it’s true! We call them play to earn gaming. These P2E have been on the lips of many young video game lovers for more than three years now. However, it became a significant boom in 2020 when lockdown made the world sit at home compulsorily. That single global event became a favourable situation for anything that relieved the pressure and provided money at the same time as people were dying of depression and hunger. 

Though they had been in existence before then, Plat-to-earn games came into the limelight as many people saw them as a means to have fun and make money in the comfort of their homes. As the lockdown affected several jobs and sources of income, young and old people who are not even game addicts were forced to turn to play to earn gaming as alternatives to make a good living. 

After the lockdown, some players had already mastered the nitty-gritty of the games and had made a considerable amount of money in the gaming environment. Hence, people consider P2E games an easier way to make money. It doesn’t require much to start; all you need to participate is a smartphone, intuition, internet connection and the zeal to play.

Would you also like to make some millions while polayi8ng games? Read further to learn the ‘how’. 

This article will take one of the most famous and participating play to earn gaming as a case study to understand how P2E games work and how much you can possibly earn playing the game. 

Axie Infinity: The Play To Earn Phenomenon

Axie Infinity remains at the top of play to earn gaming charts no matter how you spin it. It is reasonable to say that Axie Infinity sets the standard for other Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games. So, using it as a case study for other P2E games is justifiable. 

Axie Infinity is in its prime In the Philippines as Filipinos make up to 40% of its over one million users that subscribe to the gaming environment per day. Aside from the Philippines, the play to earn gaming is gaining more participants in several developing countries with mouth-watering success stories from different age categories of people. Some of the testimonies include a 22-old year boy who bought mansions with his in-game tokens. Many other exciting stories abound from one country to another. In fact, some players in Cabanatuan city Nueva Ecija were featured in a mini-documentary themed ‘Play to Earn.’ 

The above explanation is meant to assure you how much you can from playing Axie infinity or other play to earn gaming. Depending on how much time you devote to the game, you can become financially successful via P2E games. 

How To Make Huge Fortune from Play-To-Earn Games

 How Do You Earn Profits in Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity operates in the system of a blockchain economy. It allows you to make money by playing and investing in the game. Practically, the statement ‘Time is money is a fact in Axie Infinity. The more time you spend, the more money you get. 

As a player, you can earn in-game tokens in cryptocurrency, which you can convert to cash in hand or at the bank you prefer. In the game, you can make money breeding, battling or trading cute little creatures called Axies. When you use these monsters to win in the Player versus Player (PvP) or Player versus Environment (PvE) arena, you earn an in-game reward called Smooth Love Potion (SLP). You can choose to use these SLPs to breed more axies or sell them for profits in the NFT marketplace. The game also allows you to earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), which you can also use to purchase goods or any other valuable items.

You can withdraw your SLPs to sell on crypto exchanging platforms or trade them for fiat money. Here’s a little twist about play to earn gaming. While some allow players to participate, other, like Axie Infinity, requires players to make an initial investment to build characters or monsters to start playing the game. Though it may sound less profitable to first invest money in a game before you can start making money. What if you lose in the competition? Does that mean your money is gone? Is it safe to invest one’s hard-earned money in a game one has not mastered? Those are the likely questions popping up in your mind now. 

It is reasonable to ask such questions, but I can tell you that most play to earn gaming that allow free sign up don’t. So, I recommend that you go for P2E games that require initial investment if you really want to make huge money at the end of the day.

For Axie Infinity, you will have to purchase a starter team of three Axiies which costs nothing less than $300. Meanwhile, you can get a few Axies if you can’t afford the expensive ones. But, it is always advisable that you go for the strong axies that can compete and win battles either with other players or with the enjoinment.

How To Make Huge Fortune from Play-To-Earn Games

What Does Play-To Earn Scholarship Mean?

Some play to earn gaming require that players make a considerable investment before participating. That has been a major obstacle that prevents many aspiring players from realising their dreams of earning money in the game. To ease new players who cannot afford to make the initial investment, some big spenders in the game created the play to earn scholarship. 

In this program, scholars (new players) would have to play with the axies purchased by managers (owners of the axies) to earn tokens. The tokens made ins a scholarship program will then be shared based on the agreed ratio among the scholars and managers.


Play to earn gaming are excellent sources of income. You can earn millions of dollars if you take the Time to learn the tactics and operations of the game. Aside from Axie Infinity, several play to earn gaming in the NFT gaming world can fetch you great fortune in a few months. However, you will have to learn for some time before you venture into anyone you choose.